Ramido's Academy
English Training Courses & Diplomas:

1.   General English Language
        -    Ramidos Academy provides a great opportunity to improve your English language.
        -    Develop your use of grammar, vocabulary, reading & writing skills.
        -    Maximize your English practice of listening and speaking skills.
        -    General English Course includes 12 Levels; 16 Hours per each level divided into two sections: 
                12 Hours Conversational English & 4 Hours Revision and Examination.
             Special Rate: 150 EGP per person per One Level.

2.   Conversational English
        -    Participate in conversations with foreigners and native coaches.
        -    Improve your pronunciation, listening and speaking skills along with our Native British and American Coaches.
             Special Rate: 300 EGP per person.
3.    Cambridge British Diploma
        -    Study ENGLISH Language for ONE Year: ‘6 Courses’

1.    General English Course – 12 Levels [16 Hours per each level].

2.    Conversation Course – 3 Levels [16 Hours]. ‘Natives’

3.    Phonetics

4.    Business English

5.    Translation

6.    Soft Skills

                        [Communication Skills – Customer Service – CVs & Interviews - Time Management]
        Timetable: Once per week; 4 Hours per each session.
        Special Rate: 850 EGP per person [6 Months].

        Special Rate: 1350 EGP per person [ONE Year].

Ramidos Academy Provides:

  1. A certain number of accredited hours.

2.    Our highly qualified instructors are currently being certified from CTC Britain.

3.    Academic materials (hardcopies+ electronic + CDs).

4.    Practical training, workshops, and a graduation project for each student.

5.    Local certificate from Ramidos Academy for Languages.

6.    International Certificate from Arabic translators Association.

For International use Ramidos Academy would authenticatethe certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Upon obtaining such certificate 

With Ramido's Academy:
  Learn a New Accent,
      Get rid of your thick Accent,
            Better understand people around you,
                  Sound More American..

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Fax: +2 02 2263 7633

Land lin:
02 22637633


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