Welcome to Ramidos Academy for Language & Training registered at the General Authority for Investment and Free Zone as a Limited Liability Company, LLC.
Ramidos is further an academic, educational college certified and accredited by Arab Translators Association in Egypt. At our college, we provide the incomparable methodology of learning languages, as well as a large community of language-learners from all levels, initiating from the elementary till the advanced levels. Our Courses and diplomas are designed to be comprehensive and accessible, so that our applicants wishing to gain immediate communication skills can quickly gain key grammatical concepts and conversational tools, while a more academic, accuracy-based approach is also met through a systematic approach to learning all languages.
At Ramidos Academy , we will teach the applicants to produce the standard American Accent. Some people also call it "broadcaster English." It is the kind of standard, neutral speech that you hear on CNN and in educated circles generally. It is a non-regional American version of English. This elaborates that our applicants will not relate their accent with a local region since we provide the accent most commonly associated with educated people in the American East, Midwest, and West. Those who are going to teach you are "Voice Coaches" not English Teachers.
WHO is the "Voice Coach":
A "Voice Coach" (further referred to as Vocal Coach) is an accent trainer who tutors students how to improve their vocal technique, take care of and develop their voice, and prepare for the performance of their vocal speeches. S/he is specialized in certain tracks including but not limited to breathing techniques or diction and pronunciation. The Voice Coach is a brand new title only found at Ramidos Academy.
The Voice Coach will then immediately start teaching you how to correct your fatal errors. The Voice Coach will make sure that you can produce the new sounds correctly. You are welcome to bring a voice recorder to class so that you can listen to the lesson at home. You will be given lots of homework exercises so that you can continue to practice these new sounds until they become a natural part of your speech.

With Ramido's Academy:
  Learn a New Accent,
      Get rid of your thick Accent,
            Better understand people around you,
                  Sound More American..

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